Regularity & Punctuality:

Punctuality should be instilled at a very young age. So all students must come to school on time to attend the morning assembly. If the child is late for the third time in a month appropriate action will be taken.

Communication in Campus:

From Class III, all students must communicate only in English inside the campus. Languages other than English must be used for communication only in language classes. As a corrective measure, the student will lose one point every time he or she is found speaking in any regional language.

School Property:

Any destruction or defacing of school property will not be tolerated and must be made good by those responsible. Students have to pay fine if there is any damage to the school property.

Leave Taking:

A student can take leave if he or she is unwell or in order to attend a family function. We encourage students to take leave and attend family functions or funerals. We strongly believe that students learn to socialize, accept responsibility, face problems and good times in a family function. Any leave availed must be recorded in the handbook.85% attendance is compulsory for each term as per the CBSE norms.


We make sure our students are smart and perfect in their uniforms. Students are expected to be in full uni form with ID card. The school student’s uniform is as follows:

Classes Girls Boys
I – II Pinafore, Shirt and Belt Half Pant with Strap, Shirt and Belt
III – VII Skirt, Shirt and Belt Half Pant, Shirt and Belt
( Shirt Tucked in) (Shirt tucked in)
VIII Full Pant, Shirt and Belt Full Pant, Shirt and Belt
(Shirt tucked in)
  • Children are allowed to wear colour dress on their birthday.
  • During Bunny, Cubs & Bulbuls and Scouts & Guides classes children are expected to be in the respective uniform.
  • Black Socks & Black Canvas shoe.


  • Important messages are sent through SMS, kindly keep your mobile numbers updated in our school records. If there is any change in phone number kindly update at school reception.
  • Surprise checks are periodically done for students. Prohibited item like electronic gadgets, mobile phone, precision instruments etc. will be confiscated if found.
  • No child should have more than ` 50 as pocket money.
  • Circular given by school has to be acknowledged by signing in the acknowledgement slip provided in the hand book.
  • Avoid parking of vehicles in front of school gate when students are dropped or picked up.
  • Do not violate traffic rules. Children will quickly learn what you do.
  • If you have any genuine complaints to be made, you are welcome to use the Red card.
  • Remember to appreciate your teacher, principal and management using Green Card.
  • Ensure that you attend all functions an celebrations marked in the calendar.

No Homework till grade II

    Since NMS Vijayalakshmi Sanjeevimalayan Kalviyagam strongly believes that education is a joyful journey, not a race, we don’t burden the students with homework. Moreover, this is an age when the kids have to learn to socialize and find answers to various questions arising out of their curiosity. CBSE also recommends the same.

School Fee

    SMC meeting of NMS Vijayalakshmi Sanjeevimalayan Kalviyagam is held twice in an academic year to discuss about academic matters, infrastructure and fee revision. The revision of fee structure for academic year 2019-20 was discussed during SMC meeting held on 15.03.2019 and approved it after deliberation