21st Century is uncertain

  • The career that was not known in 20th Century now exists; so we do not know for what career we need to prepare our students
  • The gadgets that was not known in 20th Century now exists; so we do not know what gadgets our students are going to use in future

In the above context, we understand that our curriculum has to be challenging to teach 21st Century students with 20th Century teachers. We strongly believe that ‘Pre-packaged curriculum’ undermines teachers’ professionalism. So, we have designed our own school curriculum which is child centred. Our curriculum is purposeful, meaningful, relevant, collaborative and enjoyable. It discourages rote memory and encourages project oriented learning. It will motivate students to question ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘when’.
We understand that each student is different, so our curriculum will be

  • Inclusive and assist every student regardless of ability
  • Reach and cater to student’s potential as learners
  • Forward looking and prepare students for future
  • Develop student’s competency in areas such as,
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Critical thinking
    • Problem solving
    • Creativity
    • Diversity
    • Learning to learn
    • Skills to learn independently.

Our curriculum will provide space for teachers to adapt the curriculum to suit the students of a class. It will not demand that every student learn exactly the same content, the same way and exactly the same number of hours. It will provide flexibility for teachers to ensure that treatment of content is appropriate to students’ needs and capabilities.
The curriculum and pedagogy it promotes will acknowledge that students learn in different and individual ways.

  • Some students are very effective and skilled listeners; they are auditory learners
  • Some require pictures, slides and videos, they are visual learners
  • Other learn best through practical exercises; they are kinesthetic learners.

Some students tread like a tortoise, they move slowly step by step. Others are like rabbits, they hop and skip steps. A good quality curriculum will encourage teachers to get to know their students learning style and behaviors; then direct them towards achieving the best learning outcomes. Our school curriculum provides everything what the students need. It is not text book driven.