N.M.S Vijayalakshmi Sanjeevimalayan is a units of NMS Sa Vellaichamy Nadar Kalloori Peravai.The Peravai was founded by  Nadar Mahajana Sangam, an Educational and Charitable Institution registered in 1918 under the Societies Registration Act No.XXI of 1860.There are 9 Schools, 5 Industrial Training Institutes, 2 Art Colleges, One Pharmacy College and 2 Polytechnic Colleges under the umbrella of Nadar Mahajana Sangam.

N.M.S.Vijayalakshmi Sanjeevimalaiyan Kalviyagam was started on 14th June, 2017 by the Sangam; and to cater to the needs of all without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion.

It is situated in a our in a lush Green 3 acre campus in the Theni Highway Road, Madurai.It is popularly called as “School with a Difference”.



Each classroom is isolated with an exclusive garden to reduce noise level.

  • Classrooms are not air-conditioned, yet they will be cool with natural breeze soothing around through cross ventilation.
  • We strongly believe that young children should not be exposed to unnatural atmosphere, it is harmful; they should grow breathing fresh air.
  • Large glass paned windows provide soothing day light.
  • Walls are painted to Provide an ambience required to learn.
  • Wooden flooring stimulates sense of touch.
  • Equipped with latest technological gadgets.

N.M.S Vijayalakshmi Sanjeevimalayan Kalviyagam

Our Pedagogy

We understand that our curriculum has to be challenging to teach 21st century students with 20th century teachers. We strongly believe that ” Prepackaged Curriculum” undermines teacher’s professionalism. So, we have designed our own school curriculum that is child centered, purposeful, meaningful, relevant, collaborative and enjoyable. It discourages rote memory and encourages project oriented learning.  It will motivate students to question “Why”, “What” and “When”.

Scholastic Programme

Our teaching methodologies incorporate the best of various systems. from ancient traditions like out door learning to the most modern experiential learning approaches. The sources of learning are varied – reading, field trips, guest talks, observations,discussions, debates research projects, presentations and hands- on experiences. Our international curricular standards create a collaborative work environment that nurture intellectual diversity and prepare students for some the best institutions for higher learning . The task our students do in the class incorporate the Multiple intelligences- verbal, mathematical, visual, spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intra personal, musical, naturalistic and existential.

Co Scholastic Programme & Extra Activities

  • At NMS VSK, academic excellence and co curricular activities always go hand in hand.
  • Keeping in view the personality development of every individual student the school the school plans to organize different events through the year.
  • The school offers a wide range of activities to develop the students varied interests and talents. These events are a conglomeration of numerous activities in various spheres such as art, humanities, science and so on.
  • The activities are professionally planned and managed. Co-scholastic activities will be a part of the curriculum and we believe that physical education not only builds the students concentration levels but also helps improve their team skills.
  • Apart from the host of activities in the curriculum, the school offers optional Extra Curricular Activities on selected days of the week,after school hours.
    • Key Board
    • Bharatham
    • Yoga
    • Chess
    • Karate
    • Kapla
    • Board Games
    • Think like a scientist
    • Robotics


Our School Strength


Boys Girls TOTAL
Grade 1 A 12 7 19
Grade 1 B 12 7 19
Grade 2 23 7 30
Grade 3 11 17 28
Grade 4 21 9 30
Grade 5 14 11 25
Grade 6 7 11 18
Grade 7 13 16 29
Grade 8 6 10 16
Grade 9 5 5 10
Total 124 100 224